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We assist and support you on an ongoing basis for all benefit and HR needs.

We help and train on benefit/payroll administration integration.

We assist with all compliance questions, problematic benefit/employment issues, claims resolution, and every aspect of new hire enrollment and annual enrollment.

We are a resource for help with minor issues to the most complicated of situations. We are veterans at solving problems

We are also a resource to all employees and their families to help them with benefit questions, claims problems, enrollment questions, upcoming treatment questions, and problems with providers and/or pharmacies.

HR Support

If the insurance companies and provider communities never made mistakes, we would not exist. Problems will surface. Corrections need to happen.

We are wired to help. We are available. We do not want the employees to have a problem that they try to tackle themselves. That causes frustration and wastes their time. We have the back doors to get things fixed and answered quickly and correctly.

On a Corporate Level

On a corporate level, problems will surface be it disability claim issues, EDI feed snags, enrollment corrections, billing issues, and we can step in and assist with anything.

We are 100% committed to relieving burdensome, time-consuming issues that detract from your day-to-day workflow. We work for you. We ask that you use us.

We know that benefits are only a slice of your world. It is our entire pie.

We are here to help.