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Oh, we do love the data. Numbers do not lie. Data is indisputable. It tells us everything we need to know to underwrite pre-renewals and renewals.

Underwriting DNA is extremely important in a broker’s pedigree. Without it, well, there just isn’t a pedigree at all.

Why is it so important? Cost control! We continually monitor the performance of your medical plan costs.

It is how we measure the costs against expected costs and predict the future costs. It is how we watch the rolling costs.

It is how we project the renewal long before it is calculated by the insurance company/stop loss carrier.

Renewal Management & Underwriting

Our underwriting gives us the ammunition to negotiate proposals and renewals because we have all the numbers in the equation

There is a common misconception that benefit plans should be put to “bid” every year to manage costs. That is sloppy consulting. Costs are not managed by looking for the cheapest plan every year. That is akin to a hamster wheel. Goes nowhere. Achieves nothing.

Our Process

Annual solicitations diminish your position in the market and compromises negotiation leverage when there is a serious need to make a change.

Here is the best part. On our large cases at renewal, the carrier underwriters call us before the renewals are released and ask us the question, “What is your number?”

That comes from respect. They know we are always on target, and they know we know what we are doing. That kind of respect is earned.

That is a good thing for our clients. It’s a rare thing. And, Davison has it.