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It’s all about you. Isn’t that what is important?

When it comes to Benefit Consulting, we are hard wired to be the best of the best for our clients. Davison Benefits was deliberately formed to provide the highest level of benefit consulting in an entirely client-focused concierge modeled operation.

We are an honest and ethical firm, and our mantra is always do the right thing for our clients.

We focus on outcomes, solid relationships, and not on profit and sales goals. Sales and profit are vendors priorities; we are professional service consultants focused on quality business practices.

Tailored Consulting

We are process driven not product driven. Product is product is product. Unless it is of quality and value, we pass.

We hire the best professionals in the industry. We have the dream team. We have the experience, talent, commitment, compassion, and desire to constantly produce top quality outcomes. Everyone is a leader, client advocate, technical genius, and deeply tenured in benefits and/or HR.

Our agility, accessibility, responsiveness, and flexibility are unparalleled in the industry.

Sample Summary of Services

Sample Summary of Services
  • Consult with employer in all aspects of their employee benefit programs
  • Full program audit, contracts, financials, enrollment, contribution, participation, compliance
  • Ongoing governance and stewardship of all programs
  • Funding assessment
  • Renewal analysis negotiation, evaluation, and recommendations
  • Carrier assessment and relationship management
  • Data analysis, reporting, and predictive modeling
  • Rx rebate evaluation, oversight, and tracking
  • FSA, HRA, HSA analysis, performance, and compliance
  • PCORI calculations
  • ERISA, DOL, IRS, HIPAA, DOL, PWFA compliance
  • Technology platforms
  • Payroll/benefit integration assistance
  • Communication and education
  • Implementation, ongoing support, advocacy

Benefit management is never static.

It is in constant motion from basic support and services to highly detailed ongoing review, reporting, and analysis. We identify and manage the cost drivers and controls to mitigate the volatility of future increases and drastic plan changes. Combined, the results we achieve alongside you are the best plans at best prices.

Our Process

Our Process – Project Approach

Clearly, a major objective for every employer is to offer the best benefit programs at the best costs for both the employer and the employees.

We help achieve and sustain high quality benefits at best costs by effectively managing your benefits through our knowledge, brainpower, creativity, experience, relationships, and a myriad of technical tools.

Initially, we take all product talk off the table and talk about your company’s overall culture, objectives, value of programs, communication, employee engagement, efficiency in implementation and maintenance, and any issues that umbrella the underlying programs.

Older contract’s benefit offerings can be stale and not include improved features that have evolved over the years.

We carefully deconstruct and reconstruct all aspects of your programs to determine if:

  • Programs are current – are they a desirable benefit or are they outdated and unused?
  • Contracts are sound – are they in the best interests of the company and employees?
  • Premiums competitive in the market – has there been a cost comparison in the last 5 years?
  • Benefits are contemporary – have they been updated to include current features and program enhancements?
  • Financial contract is appropriate – are you leaving money on the table?
  • You are in compliance and audit prepared?
Customized Benefits Programs Consulting

We look at what has not worked and why. We look at what will work and why. We look at the “ideal” benefit package, and how we can achieve that together.

  • Are your plans competitive and valued by your employees?
  • Are the plans financially sound and in the best funding vehicle?
  • Are your plans attracting and retaining talent?
  • How do your programs compare to your competitors?
  • Are your benefits a healthy component of your overall employee compensation?