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How it All Began

Coming out of large benefit brokerage firms and high-level human resources management working with outside brokers, Susan Davison knew the client community needed and deserved a different benefit management experience.

During her tenure on the human resources side, she worked with large, national, and international benefit firms. Ultimately, she was recruited to join the broker community. Once on the inside, the picture of those operations was enlightening and not in a good way.

It was time to jump off the cliff, open the parachute and create Davison Benefits Group in 1994. We formed a firm where the client is the primary focus. Not sales, not profit, not investor interests, CLIENTS.

How it all began

We love our role and love watching our clients succeed. We respect and care about our clients.

It’s all about you. Isn’t that what is really important?

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Perpetual and Persistent

Davison Benefits is constantly evolving because the benefit landscape and client needs are every changing. We are about purpose and passion. It’s in our pedigree.

By being an independent and privately held company, we have all the latitude to closely partner with our clients. We do not need corporate approval and do not have sales goals. We are about quality, not quantity.