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Cindy Haddad

Cindy Haddad, ChHC®, REBC®

Communications and Compliance Officer, ca. 2001

Cindy navigates all the intricacies of emerging and continually evolving compliance and makes sure our clients are situated with the correct notices, timelines, documents, and communications.

She is exceptional at research and OCD on timelines and proper protocols to keep our clients in full compliance and out of audit reach.

This position is not for the faint of heart. She is outsanding in all aspects of her realm.

Cindy has a BA in English from Kalamazoo College, Michigan, and an MA in Journalism from Indiana University. She has a teaching certification from SUNY Brockport, NY.

Last meal on death row:


Past life:

Medicine Woman

Dream car:

1954 Chevy Pickup

First car:

1966 Mustang

Celebrity crush:

John Legend