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Morgan Cushing

Morgan Cushing

Director Account Management and Technology, ca. 2007
Industry ca. 1999

Morgan is the ultimate vanguard for all account management and technical operations. He is a wizard at both.

He develops and manages our online benefit administration programs and implementation. Morgan works collaboratively with the account management and technical team members on all things “client.”

He produces the most incredible data reports. They tell us all we need to know about plan performance.
He is a numbers guy. When his head is in the numbers, we know he’s producing impeccable work. It is like magic.

Last meal on death row:

Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Past life:

Roadie for Mozart

Dream car:

Koenigsegg CC850 (he needs a better job)

First car:

1947 Chevrolet

Celebrity crush:

Kate Beckinsale